When (SSS)hits the fan

I fell down the rabbit hole. All my resiliency skills were disappearing down the hole. Last Monday, the surgeon came to see me before going into the operating room. He made an executive decision to do a vertical incision as well. This meant more OR time. My wife has no idea and there was no way to communicate to her. I got wheeled to outside the theatre and the (Ssss)HIT the fan.

My mind started racing.

My old ways were fired up. I blamed myself. I said those harmful words too. I had worked being resilient during stressful situations.

Gone on a hike; taken a path not used?

When you go back over and over on the path the weeds disappear, twigs break- new path = new habits.

As I scrambled up from the rabbit hole, I found the old pathway had started to fill with weeds. Breathe. Breathe again & now slower & now even slower.

Trust started to build.

I had a great community of healthcare practitioners & also a fantastic support system at home. I was not alone in the forest. I got home the next day, my younger son brought his prized stuffy. He said, “Papa, Superman will look after you”.

I needed that. Practice Shinrin-yoku; however in the meantime – #Chai #Practicalresilience Tofe Evans #IamAlnoor #Linkedinvideo #LinkedinStories #resilency #gratitude

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