Looking for a job?

Looking for a job in this market is hard. You deserve the career you love.

Clarity leads to power and power leads to the ability to act. Need to find the clarity in your job search? My career coaching program gets you results. It is designed to help you fulfil your career desires through step-by-step programs customized to your needs beyond just career advice.

Job search – Career Coaching

By working with me; you will gain clarity on what you really want and how to get there from where you are to your ‘dream job’. I will help you to identify career possibilities. This done through learning what your skills, values, and strengths through Personality Dimensions assessments. If you are looking to ‘retire’; learn what you can do with your time by taking Retire To The Life You Love assessment. To succeed, we will Create a Plato explore and pursue a new career direction and you will receive homework.

overcame obstacles and landed her dream job.  She had all the qualifications, however, lacked the confidence. What are your pain points? Poor employment history, lack of the “right” qualifications, or personal issues? I incorporate life skills in helping you find your voice.

Your ‘new’ voice will be reflected in a crafted resume and LinkedIn profile.

Are you in Job Search danger zone? With our career coach, you receive the support and direction to find what’s next for you and stay accountable to take the steps that lead to achieving your career goals.



Life Skills Coaching

Our coaches have Cognitive Behaviour Therapy training. Need to make a change in your life?

Your return on investment repays itself almost immediately. The benefits multiply themselves for a lifetime. Once you have this level of self-awareness, you can articulate how all of those things intersect with the job opportunities that are best suited for you in the long run.


Ready to start? I have space for 10 new job search and or life coaching clients to start February 15, 2018. This is a 10-hour career/life coaching package is $1,750. Sign up by Feb 10 for a Valentine Day promo for $1,250. Contact me at alnoor@iamalnoor.com to help your 2018 be your year of career and life success.



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