Treat your LinkedIn headline as your elevator speech

As an executive coach, one-time Human Resources Manager and Recruiter I have seen the GOOD, BAD and UGLY LinkedIn headline. Is your headline your current title and company name? Whether you are an entrepreneur, a job-seeker, or happily employed, your headline is your elevator speech clearly defining how you provide service.

A vast number of people leave the default; perhaps because they do not know how to or what to change it to.Β  Your headline is a 120-character section is prime marketing real estate. When done well, your LinkedIn headline can be used to promote your brand statement.

LinkedIn headline your elevator speech not newspaper

A great LinkedIn headline incorporates:

1. Think about your specialty; what value you bring; your ‘WHY’.

As a recruiter, most days I breeze through resumes at around 6 to 10 seconds; I found that I was doing the same with LinkedIn profiles. Instead of the boring; you want something punchy.
One way I do come up with this during the breakout sessions in the LinkedIn Boot Camp is ask the participants to tell me their why. Create a funnel of why you do what you do to come up with some ideas.

2. Think about your audience?

Be customer facing also in your headline and in your entire profile. Your headline will attract Something that will hook the reader and make them want to read more

3. Think about being specific

Have you won any awards? If so, state this in your headline.

4. Use keyword density

Keywords are important when it comes to your LinkedIn headline. Get ideas from the skills area and wordsmith these into the headline.

5. Think about being bold.

People chuckle when they see “Guru” in my headline. I will admit, I too had reservations about using that on my LinkedIn and on my business card. However, after hearing from people all over about the impact I am having in sharing my weight loss transformation and sharing lifestyle tips; cognitive behaviour therapy practices; I was sold on being a Guru. LIVE IT, OWN IT.

6. Think about not being desperate.

Are you out of work or looking to transition into a different field? Using “in transition”; “looking for new opportunities” shows that you are desperate and undermines what you bring. Instead, highlight your past achievements and future value.

To change your LinkedIn headline follow these steps –

Click the Me icon at top of your LinkedIn homepage.
Click View profile.
Click the Edit icon next to your profile picture.
Type your changes into the Headline text box.
Click Save.

Click to watch it on Youtube.


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