How to Master Your Video Interview


Why Master Video Interviewing?

Hiring is becoming global, rise of employees living in all corners of the world. You can work from anywhere with a laptop and a good wifi connection. Hiring managers and recruiters usually conduct video interviews as the first round of interviews.

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable may bring you the job!

“Taking chances almost always makes for happy endings” – Barbara Corcoran.

Six Tips to Master Your Video Interviewย 

  1. Test your equipment prior to the video interview. Videos on your cell phone or laptop are okay. Check the quality of the sound and video.
  2. Let your family know you will be in an interview.
  3. Keep your pets away.
  4. Have your materials, such as your resume, ready.
  5. Dress appropriately. This is not a face to face interview, so let go of the suit. However, be decent.
  6. Look at the room, make sure it is tidy,ย the lighting is adequate, and you are sitting on a straight back chair.

The 3 R’s


Most likely these organizations will be on LinkedIn. Research the organization. Find their pain points. Have your notes handy, my suggestion is to put PostIt notes around your screen. Answer the Behavioural Descriptive Interviews by using theย  S.T.A.R formula – Situation, Task, Action and Result.


Ask a friend if they can record a video interview. Looking at the video will give you tips on where you need to be succinct. The video interview will show how you present to others. Yes, this is hard. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.


Be mentally ready. Some of these recorded interviews give you 3 chances. Be authentically you. Many times, they have practice interviews.

For a Skype or Zoom interviews send out thank you notes within 24 hours after the video interview.

Here’s to your job search success!

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