Career advice – “You gotta work work work”

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Career Advice that works!

Just as Rihanna said, “You gotta work work work”. Job search is work.

There is no magic pill or Alice would have taken the blue pill.

Does your resume say how you align your future with the organization’s future? Are you able to highlight your achievements, your ability to influence authority? How much time are you spending on the job search? I say apply to 1, YES 1 job a day and really focus on that job.

The rest of the time Network

team building

Many people do not understand that a resume is just one part of your job search puzzle.Β 

Network on LinkedIn.Β 

A new feature as of today #HowYouMatch.

Click on the Job (briefcase icon) on the black ribbon, look toward the right-hand side of the page to find ‘How You Match’ (your education level, skills, years of experience, and current jobtitle) which the organization is looking for. Check your location, industry and current role as these impact Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You have done the work.

Get the rejection letter and are discouraged.

Here are my tips when this happens


1. Understand this happens. Keep going. This one chapter of your life.

2. Look at the competencies. Did you need to upskill. Volunteer in the area; take courses or an internship.

3. Connect with the hiring manager on #Linkedin by sending them a personalized invitation to connect.

4. Review your profile again. Does your tagline show your unique proposition. Your summary share how you have fixed similar pain points for another organization?

5. Celebrate.

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