The benefits of hiring a ‘Newbie’ bring greater benefits.

Lots of Human Resource professionals get a bad rap for not hiring inside the industry. I took the risk a few years back and had to ‘sell’ benefits of hiring a newbie to the Store Manager and District Manager of the large big box retail organization on why I brought in someone for an interview with no industry experience as per say.

Difference in good

Diversity –

I had to even convince my District HR manager as to why I was going with an applicant that had HR experience. My explanation was that the transferable skills the applicant brought; the right attitude and mindset.Β  He passed the interview, was put on an extended probation; passed the probation with flying colours and worked harder than others. Not only that; he was then promoted to the Acting Store Manager position.

Interview –

I enjoyed reading a recent article by a career management expert Liz Ryan. Ryan’s shares 5 benefits for hiring someone with no industry experience on Forbes. Considering the number of displaced workers in the Energy industry; the number of mature workers returning to the work force due to the current economic climate and new grads entering the job market it would be wise for Hiring Managers to think outside the box.

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