The art of Emceeing an event

My stint earlier this year (2017) as an Emcee for the Alberta Career Development Conference brought many laughs, some groans (humorous) and great connection with the audience.

So what makes a memorable Emcee/speaker?
1. Being confident. There is a fine line between being confident and being cocky. In the beginning of my speaking career; I thought great speakers never made mistakes. As I evolved, I learned even experienced speakers make mistakes. This allowed me to be authentic and less self-critical (are you your own worst critic?)
I also tried the mirror technique. This method allows the subconscious mind ‘see’ how I would appear to the audience. The increased mental vibrations it helped put meaning to my words. Try it next time you have a speech.
2. Being prepared. I went through my speech several times prior to leaving for Edmonton. The night before, I checked in with the event organizers and found out last minute changes so that I was prepared for that but not rehearsing word for word.
3. Being able to roll with the punches. No matter how much planning and preparation goes; there is something that may go wrong. Being able to think quick on your feet; improvise, handle unexpected situations with confidence and maintain the flow and energy of the event by sharing humourous anecdotes.
Do not let pride get in your way. Ask for help.
So keep in mind for the next time you are asked to speak at an event; understand your client’s needs so that the guests are impressed by the event. And when fear strikes; put on Taylor Swift and “SHAKE IT OFF”.

Watch the video by clicking on IamAlnoor

Thank you.

Alnoor Damji

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