7 nebulous buzzwords to avoid on your resume

Here are some nebulous resume buzzwords you should avoid because of their blood-curdling effect on hiring managers. An article posted HR Online will help you define yourself clearly, and will let you cut through your competition’s vaguely formed resumes.

In my most recent video on LinkedIn, I share Resume tips that get your shortlisted

In this video, I talk about not using a cookie cutter resume template as these have been seen numerous times by recruiters and HR folk. Instead, create a CONTENT rich resume with value-added statistics.


The top 1/3 of the resume is prime real estate as shared on https://emergingmarkets.me/career-top-13-resume-matters/. It is true that recruiters and HR spend around six to ten seconds to glance to see if your resume makes the cut. Are you ready to take the challenge of the six-second test? Check out this site https://resumegenius.com/6-second-resume-challenge

Your LinkedIn url instead of address should be here. Next, Add your elevator pitch here; what you can do for the organization, how have you from your experience been able to solve similar pain points. Note: Objective Statements are old school. In the statistics, share revenue wins, percentages, budget savings, time efficiencies, the number of customers served or commendations received. Think of your resume as your marketing document. One that gets past the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Use keywords from the job description and share it on your resume. Use tools like JobScan and upload both the resume and job description.

Human Resource Professionals love when you share real-life examples of how you go the extra mile. Your readers will love examples of how you developed and implemented new ideas or processes.

My passion is to help others achieve their own career dreams and success. Contact me if you need to get your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn for job search.




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