What is your worth

My cup of #chai has run dry. Are you like me? Do you continually define your worth from outside sources? It is a subconscious way of comparing yourself to specific standards set by others. When you compare yourself to others, you’re measuring your #worth by their terms.

So what about your own? I like many others, was given a tough beginning. As a result, I made excuses. For years, I allowed my circumstances to rule over value.

I needed to demystify the kindness myth, if I don’t #value my services, no one else will. I needed to value myself. I keep hearing how much I was able to make remarkable changes. These words were external.

I need to say to myself that I am special and have high value despite my past. ☇I am able to manifest this in others. ☇I need to manifest this and say it to myself as much as I didn’t want to.

I am willing to see myself in a different light, start writing loving words to my heart.

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