Professional and Career Development

Working with leaders and teams to improve their understanding, cooperation, and workplace satisfaction.

Half Day to One Day: Designed to improve your people’s:
  1. work performance and productivity
  2. teamwork
  3. cooperation and relationships
  4. attitudes about change
  5. morale and retention
  6. critical thinking
  7. stress hardiness and well being
  8. customer service

LinkedIn for Business Visibility on the Internet Highway 


LinkedinToday’s savvy organizations use LinkedIn to increase their brand visibility and sales. However, many are making errors that cost them opportunity, clients, and money. Alnoor has trained thousands of people on how to effectively use the nuances of LinkedIn.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have your sales force, marketing staff, and leaders make better connections. It will increase your organization’s brand presence and improve your ROI!

Participants will:

  • Discover how to build and maintain their organization’s brand
  • Recognize and avoid common social media mistakes
  • Build credibility, subject matter expertise, and customer recognition and loyalty

Alnoor truly is a LinkedIn expert as well as an engaging facilitator. I contracted him to deliver a conference session related to job search savvy, and his content and ability exceeded my expectations. Participants garnered clever insights and heard practical examples of what works well for personal branding, as it relates to marketing themselves for employment in a difficult economy. It was clear that participants felt they received great value from Alnoor’s session and his supplemental handout of top tips for using LinkedIn effectively!
Karen Carleton, Staff Learning and Development, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission

Personality Dimensions® for Enlivening Your Team’s Strengths

team building

Too many team members mis-communicate, blame, and let their personal biases effect their cooperation and productivity. Personality Dimensions® helps teams appreciate the different lenses from which we view the world. This human relations tool is based on leading-edge research into motivation and behavior.  After taking this introductory workshop you will recognize your own unique blend of strengths and qualities. You will find that you better appreciate others’ differences. Once you understand what motivates behavior in people with different personalities your team will happily get more accomplished!

Participants will:

  • take the Personality Dimensions® inventory
  • understand the differences of the four main personality types
  • have ways to adapt to and better relate to others
  • show increased understanding, empathy and support for others
  • know how to increase teamwork cooperation and celebration

I attended Alnoor’s session on “Personality Dimensions and Leadership: Understanding Self and Your Team to Manage Conflict and Communicate Effectively” at APEGA’s Professional Development day. He established his credibility as knowledgeable in the topic and provided tools to the participants to succeed in their inter-personal interactions.
Alnoor’s session was useful for self reflection and becoming mindful of one’s relation with others. Alnoor’s presentation style makes his session fun, engaging and enlightening.”
Nima Dorjee, President, Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)

Build Your Team for Workplace Fun and Satisfaction

Alnoor Damji and team

Project teams are becoming increasingly common, but it takes time to build a great team.  Personality Dimensions® can facilitate effective communication and shared understanding of team goals and objectives, as well as necessary conditions for personal productivity. Employee engagement is the highlight of this team building workshop.

Participants will:

  • discover how synergies can make the team’s results greater than the sum of individual contributions
  • the strengths each person brings to the team
  • be given ways to adjust their style of communication to improve team efficiency and minimize unproductive conflict

We asked Alnoor to facilitate a staff development for us on Business Communications. Alnoor’s background in career coaching was a good fit for us, as he knew how to apply the principles of communication directly in our work. Our afternoon was engaging, informative and thought provoking. The format of the workshop included visuals, teamwork, and discussions. There’s never a dull moment when Alnoor is around! He is a great speaker, trainer, and coach.”
Nabilah Chowdhury, Case Manager, McBride Career Group

Find Common Ground with Conflict Resolution Skills  

Conflict is inevitable in the workplace. But resolving it isn’t. Coming to agreement takes skill and planning. One of the greatest challenges when mediating conflicts is helping parties to focus on their underlying needs, values and beliefs. Focusing on underlying core interests leads to identifying common ground and moving forward.

Participants will:

  • examine barriers to conflict resolution
  • identify their personal styles and how they and others respond to conflict
  • recognize the different ways people act and react when experiencing
  • be given tools to facilitate positive interactions in less than ideal situations

More Workshops:

  1. Lead the Multigenerational Workplace
  2. Balance Work-Life with Ease
Career Focused
  1. I AM for Your Marketing and Personal Brand
  2. Career Building Blocks and Breakthroughs
  3. Resiliency to the Hard Times of Career Transition
  4. Manage Your Career for Change and Transitions
  5. Casual Networking Skills for Serious Careers
  6. How to Interview to Impress
  7. Be a Legend in Your Career and Life: Transform yourself with winning strategies
  8. Retire to The Life You Love©

Note: All workshops can be presented as described or customized to your needs.

Alnoor Damji With a background as a Career Adviser, Alnoor Damji has helped thousands of unemployed and employed workers know their worth and meaningfully contribute to their place of work.  With a tool bag of professional development assessments, strategies, and techniques he elevates employee and team performance. Organizations who have benefited from Alnoor’s passion to make career paths fulfilling include, the Government of Canada, the City of Calgary, Loblaws, Alberta Health Services, and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists.

Contact Alnoor to discuss how you can make your team a priority and your organization’s goals your team’s priority.  Email or call 587.899.7868

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