Manage the Multigenerational Workplace

Too much workplace conflict is created because of uninformed management the diverse styles of the multi-generations in our modern workplace. It is challenging to lead the Traditional Traditionalists, Still-Booming Boomers, Xtra-Independent Gen Xers along with Tech-or-Die Gen Ys!

Cooperative and mutually supportive team-work is crucial to your organization’s productivity and long-term strategic success.

Hear expert insights into the four generations and their motivations, goals, and communication styles. Also hear how organizations from a variety of industries thrive with a multigenerational workforce. Turn your multigenerational workforce into a competitive advantage.

Improve your people’s:

  1. work performance
  2. mutual understanding
  3. productivity
  4. teamwork
  5. cooperation
  6. relationships
  7. morale
  8. retention

They will leave with:

  • the ability to identify areas where generational conflict occurs and discover how to mediate for success
  • the tools to strengthen cross-generational communication
  • specific strategies to leverage multigenerational opportunities

Be a Legend in Your Career and Life
Transform yourself and develop winning strategies 

To succeed you need to successfully manage change!  That change might be starting a career, a career transition, refocusing your goals, rebuilding your lifestyle, or staring a new relationship. Alnoor DamjiInitially, at the beginning of change we tend to feel motivated, excited and empowered. Over time, however, this momentum tends to fizzle. We feel lost!

There are strategies and tools to overcome inevitable setbacks and start new, positive life habits.

Discover how to incorporate change management skills into your daily routine. You can make yourself a legend in your career and your life!

Improve your people’s:

  1. adaptability to change
  2. daily habits
  3. positive attitude
  4. resilience
  5. morale

They will leave with:

  • specific, actionable and accountable strategies to transform bad habits
  • ways to move beyond blaming and unproductive behaviour
  •  insights into how their individual strengths enhance team performance

Audience and Meeting Planners Say:

“Alnoor Damji is not only a universal coach, trainer and educator, he is a brilliant presenter. He speaks from his rich personal and professional experience. He also speaks from the bottom of his soul to the bottom of your soul.”
Larisa Sazhina, Josephson Psychological Services Ltd

“Alnoor brought his passion for career development, his fun-loving nature, and his inspirational words to the annual Alberta Career Development Conference. In his role as conference emcee he engaged the audience of almost 300 delegates with his sense of humour and his calls to action. He was incredibly easy to work with and was willing to step up and offer a helping hand throughout the conference. Alnoor’s speaking and presentation skills were exactly what we were looking for in an emcee and his presence added so much to our event!”

Paula Wishoff Yerama, Exective Director, Career Development Association of Alberta

“We were delighted when Alnoor accepted our invitation to emcee our conference.  Alnoor did NOT disappoint! He was professional, prepared, passionate, and even “punny!”  He utilized strong facilitation skills to get people’s attention, disseminate information, and motivate participants. Alnoor was a delightful, and important, addition to the proceedings and we are grateful to him for helping to make the conference a resounding success!”
Herky Cutler, host of the radio show, Career Traxx and author of, Get F.I.T. GO FAR: 15 Things Leaders Absolutely Must Do To Increase Organizational Performance

Alnoor DamjiWith a background as a Career Adviser, Alnoor Damji has helped thousands of unemployed and employed workers know their worth and meaningfully contribute to their place of work.  With a tool bag of professional development assessments, strategies, and techniques he elevates employee and team performance. Organizations who have benefited from Alnoor’s passion to make career paths fulfilling include the Government of Canada, the City of Calgary, Loblaws, Alberta Health Services, and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists.

Contact Alnoor to discuss how you can make your next Professional Development event, convention, or conference a moral boosting experience. Email or call 587.899.7868

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