7 nebulous buzzwords to avoid on your resume

Here are some nebulous resume buzzwords you should avoid because of their blood-curdling effect on hiring managers. An article posted HR Online will help you define yourself clearly, and will let you cut through your competition’s vaguely formed resumes. In my most recent video on LinkedIn, I share Resume tips that get your shortlisted In this video, I […]

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How to Master Your Video Interview

  Why Master Video Interviewing? Hiring is becoming global, rise of employees living in all corners of the world. You can work from anywhere with a laptop and a good wifi connection. Hiring managers and recruiters usually conduct video interviews as the first round of interviews. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable may bring you the […]

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Career advice – “You gotta work work work”

team building

Career Advice that works! Just as Rihanna said, “You gotta work work work”. Job search is work. There is no magic pill or Alice would have taken the blue pill. Does your resume say how you align your future with the organization’s future? Are you able to highlight your achievements, your ability to influence authority? […]

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When (SSS)hits the fan

I fell down the rabbit hole. All my resiliency skills were disappearing down the hole. Last Monday, the surgeon came to see me before going into the operating room. He made an executive decision to do a vertical incision as well. This meant more OR time. My wife has no idea and there was no […]

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What is your worth

My cup of #chai has run dry. Are you like me? Do you continually define your worth from outside sources? It is a subconscious way of comparing yourself to specific standards set by others. When you compare yourself to others, you’re measuring your #worth by their terms. So what about your own? I like many […]

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Rockstar millennial who gives back to the community

Rockstar millennials in our community? Yes, there is such a thing! In my #vlog, I dispel the myth about our young leaders. Meet millennial Steve Paolasini cofounder of HustleCo Workspace. I love that he shares his passion for #hiking #mentalhealth #prostatecancer #menshealth #movember in this #LinkedinStories. Catch my full article on LinkedIn #millennials.

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Looking for a job?

Looking for a job in this market is hard. You deserve the career you love. Clarity leads to power and power leads to the ability to act. Need to find the clarity in your job search? My career coaching program gets you results. It is designed to help you fulfil your career desires through step-by-step […]

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Nurture . Flowers bloom with care. Humans bloom too.

Nurture flowers and humans, see them bloom.   I have always been an entrepreneur. As a teen, I would sell, guppies, Harlequin romance novels, Speedos (yes Speedos – LOL), Perfumes and office and house plants. The most successful business was selling the plants. After seeding, cutting, and grafting … I would nurture and help the plants […]

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Cyber Week is Here!

I am currently offering insane deals in celebration of ‘Cyber Monday’ for career and life coaching! This week receive 20% off and a money back promise if you are not satisfied within the first 3 hours of my coaching program. I inspire to provide my clients with life-changing career and life guidance in order for […]

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