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When my auntie, Nurbanu met me she called me Alnoor, which means ‘the light’. I was 6-years-old when I was sent to live with her on an island in Kenya. She loved my laugh and sense of humour. She amazed me with her love and her commitment to community leadership. I was blessed that throughout my life she continued to support me in shining my best self and using my light. My hope is that her legacy continues through my work.

After moving to Canada and completing my post-secondary degree in Human Resources, I became involved in leadership roles with the Ismaili community.  It was there that I woke up to the fact that immigrants doubly struggle to acquire satisfying employment. My passion in career development is not only fueled by a desire to help those who are unemployed or under-employed but to do my Auntie Nurbanu proud.

My places of employment have included Municipal Government, NGO, non-profit organizations and vocational services organizations.  In 2008 I became an independent Career Adviser, Keynote speaker, and Professional Development workshop leader.

It has been an honour to shine light on career advancement, teamwork and workplace productivity. It has also been an honour to work with thousands of job seekers, employees and managers. Some of the tools I have trained in and/or have developed in the service of my clients include:

  • LinkedIn and other networking techniques
  • Personality Dimensions®
  • Goal setting
  • Interviewing skills
  • Retire to the Life You Design
  • Mental Health – Resiliency
  • Inter-generational teamwork
  • A variety of team building and career advancement techniques

My work is grounded in the values of diversity, pluralism, and equality.  My colleagues over the years have affirmed that these values are needed and appreciated. In 2011 I received the Okotoks Chamber of Commerce’s Team Category, Business Service award and in 2012 the Professional Business Service award. In 2015, the Career Development Association of Alberta named me Practitioner of the Year.

Many organizations hire me because I can speak English, Katchi, Gujarati, Hindi and Mandarin. I understand many of the struggles of our immigrant population.

However, primarily my clients hire me because I am passionate to help people make their careers exciting and rewarding. I do that by providing the right tools whether that is for an individual, a team or an organization.

Contact me to discuss possibilities for a presentation or career advise at or 587.899.7868.

Partial Client List:

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Service Canada
Alberta Human Services
The City of Calgary
Alberta Health Services
Calgary Public Library
Loblaws Townhall
DaQing Petroleum University
DaQing Petroleum Research Institute
Aga Khan Health Board
Aga Khan Education Board
Kerby Centre
Immigrant Services Calgary
Volunteer Calgary
WSN - Worker Speaker Network
English First Schools
career development association of alberta
McBride Career Group

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