Month: November 2017

Cyber Week is Here!

I am currently offering insane deals in celebration of ‘Cyber Monday’ for career and life coaching! This week receive 20% off and a money back promise if you are not satisfied within the first 3 hours of my coaching program. I inspire to provide my clients with life-changing career and life guidance in order for […]

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Network to get work

How many of you are pumping out resume after resume and not finding results? The secret to job search is networking. Network, Network, Network. With the holiday season just around the corner; attend as many as possible. Connect, deeply connect with people. Extroverts will find networking events a breeze. This is not about collecting business […]

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Let’s talk about truth.

Let’s talk about truth; about the messages and the conversations that happen! Even with my amazing transformation over the years; I still look at the picture in the left or the person staring back (just before hitting the shower) and see a #fat person; a person who is not successful, whose #socialmedia feed shows #ShinyHappyPeople I have made a […]

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Peace begins with you. Peace begins with me.

September 21 we celebrate International Day Of Peace. We live in polarizing times and I feel that it has never been more important to search for what unites us as it is always stronger than what divides us. Making peace is often hard, but keeping the peace is much more challenging because it takes dedication […]

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